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|Alex Edge

Matthew Bonavita - President

Matt Bonavita transcends the role of average DJ entertainer with unique combination of theatricality, teacher's sensitivity, an endless supply of fresh music ideas and over a decade of professional DJ experience.

"My extensive training in all of the traditional live performance arts has helped me enormously in the DJ booth. Every night a DJ has to read the unique energy of his audience and interact with them. Live performance taught me how to adapt to my audience. The problem with most DJs is that they have no idea how to do this. As a DJ/performer I'm able to make sure the crowd is having the best time possible, every night."

A life-long Brooklyn-ite, Matt Bonavita was born into a family legacy that included centuries of musicians. Every Bonavita originally comes from Amantea, Calabria, Italy and every single one knew how to play a musical instrument. Not wanting to break tradition, Matt's instrument of choice, though possibly considered an unconventional selection, is the DJ's turntable and mixing board.

After high school Matt attended the State University of New York at New Paltz where he transferred his focus from theater to teaching. "I wanted to go into teaching because it was the best way that I could think of to use my theatrical training while doing something meaningful." Then for three years Matt taught at the same high school he graduated from while at the same time directing all of the school's theater productions and attending Brooklyn College to attain his Masters degree in History.

In 1998 Matt started DJing with a special event entertainment company where he met his future Rhythm In Motion business partner Anthony Istrico. After working for this company for over four years and feeling as if he could aspire to greater things, he and Anthony decided to take a leap of faith and start their own special event DJ company, Rhythm In Motion, Inc.

In addition to Rhythm In Motion, Matt is currently a Dean at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, NY and teaches Historiography, a study on how the interpretation of how historical events change over time. As a Dean he interacts with thousands of students every day and many of them are more than a little interested in his DJ alter ego. "While assigned on 'cafeteria duty' at school I often will be approached by groups of students who ask me questions about music. At the same time, if they are wearing a T-Shirt with a new music artist or if I ask them what's in their iPods, they often provide me with a complete education on the latest trends in artists and music stylings."

Matt Bonavita has taken his positive attitude and passion for his work and created a role model for DJs, businessmen and young people alike.