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Plasma and Video Screens

Rhythm In Motion, Inc. provides the latest in cutting edge technology. Our plasma screen package incorporates several exciting elements. The package includes one or two (your choice) high definition plasma televisions suspended form an overhead truss, both simple and elegant the presentation itself is purely breathtaking. Displayed on these screens will be a customized photo-montage produced on DVD by our editing staff, a truly wonderful keepsake, as well as a great source of dinner-time entertainment for your guests. This montage can be comprised of numerous pictures and accompanied by the musical selections of your choice, a perfect touch, that also doubles as a perfect party favor.

In addition to the photo-montage four plasma screens will simulcast all the exciting action taking place on the dance floor, while your guests are rocking the night at way at your affair. This is a great way for guest to feel like they are in the spotlight, and a great way to ensure that everyone has a front row seat to all the exciting moments that may otherwise be difficult to see.

These screens add beauty to your setup, a visually stunning appearance, a technological advantage in the case of live simulcasting, and sentimental memories projected for all your guests to enjoy at your affair, and on DVD for you to enjoy time and time again! This package adds so much and is an exceptional way to add ambiance, excitement and a personal touch to make your affair an affair to remember!